Tic Tac Strawberry Fields Dispensers: 12-Piece Box



Woodstock, the first moon landing, and the invention of Tic Tacs have two things in common—they all occurred in 1969 and have left an indelible impression on the masses. And while you can say that the year ‘69 is in the past, you should know that Tic Tac is still making history with new flavors. Be a part of a flavorful movement when you bite down into a handful of miniature, hard mints with strawberry flavor. Ideal for large gatherings, bring out this one-pound bag of pink-hued treats to create some iconic moments of your own.

Bag contains 1 pound of Tic Tac Pink Strawberry Candy… that’s about 960 pieces.Made in Canada.

Shipping Weight ~ 1.5 lbs.


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Weight 2.26 kg

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